PrimeTime Booth Application

August 2020




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    Terms and Conditions:

    In order to validate this Application/Agreement we:
    Acknowledge that the individual signing this Agreement warrants that he/she has the authority to contractually bind the organization applying for Exhibit Space.
    Will mail our check or submit a wire transfer (US Currency) made payable to Sterling Events Group, or submit credit card information for the total Exhibit Space cost within 10 business days of receipt of booth space invoice. Exhibit Space will not be held without payment beyond 10 days after invoice is received.

    Understand and agree to abide by all terms and conditions governing PrimeTime as they appear on this Agreement, in the display regulations, the Exhibitor Rules & Regulations, the Forms Packet, and the Service Order Kit. Understand that all exhibits must be set and approved by the published Show opening.

    Further, we understand and agree with the Exhibitor Rules & Regulations:

    – No exhibits are to be dismantled or unmanned until the published Show close.

    – Booth is to be staffed at all times during published Show hours.

    – Table draping must be the standard Show color(s), unless otherwise approved by Show Management.

    – Solid wall displays must be approved by Show Management at least 30 days prior to Show.

    – Any hanging sign or apparatus must be approved by Show Management and is only available to booths that are at least 20’ wide by 20’ deep. In-line booths are not permitted to rig/hang signage above booth space.

    – All exhibit materials and displays must remain within assigned booth space (not in aisle, foyer, lobby, etc..) and cannot exceeding 8’ in height without prior permission from Show Management.

    – A booth diagram must be submitted to Show Management for approval on all booths greater than 400 square feet.

    – Any structure extending higher than 8’ off the ground must be approved by Show Management.

    – Product demonstrations that include food samplings prepared on the show floor must be approved by Show Management, are subject to restrictions, and are contingent on the approval of the event facility and execution of proper documentation and forms. This can be a very tedious process. The sooner you start, the better your odds of getting approval in time.

    – Booth space is not to be used for any visible storage.

    – Exhibitor is responsible for making sure the booth carpet is vacuumed, cleaned and that trash is emptied. You can order cleaning services from the exhibitor kit.

    – Show Management must approve any audio device producing amplified sound. Operation at a reasonable decibel level is required with respect to other exhibitors. Show Management has the right to stop any sound that they determine is disturbing to other exhibitors/attendees.

    – Any company failing to exhibit after confirming participation will be liable for the full cost of the unused booth space.

    – Wi-Fi access will be provided in the exhibit hall. Due to increased Wi-Fi interference issues, we do not allow exhibitors to install Wi-Fi access points in any tradeshow booth. Because this WiFi is used by attendees and exhibitors alike, it cannot be guaranteed to perform at top speeds. If your exhibit depends on internet access, we highly suggest you purchase a hard-wired connection.

    1. Definitions
    Nationwide Marketing Group & Sterling Events Group and their officers, directors, members, agents, affiliates, representatives, employees, successors and assigns, is hereinafter referred to as Show Management, unless the context requires otherwise. “Exhibitor” means the applicant identified on the front hereof and its officers, directors, members, agents, affiliates, representatives, employees, successors and assigns. PrimeTime is hereinafter referred to as “Convention”. The tradeshow portion of PrimeTime is hereinafter referred to as “Exposition”. The term “Exhibition Facility” means the exhibit halls, meeting rooms and function space, lobbies, foyers, parking lots, air space and grounds of the Convention Center, as well as any other facilities to be used as the site of the Convention. “Facility Management” means the owner or manager of the Exhibition Facility and the management of any of other facilities used for the Convention.

    2. Agreement
    The following provisions, plus any additions and amendments (including Exhibitor Rules and Regulations, Exhibitor Forms Packet and the Service Order Kit) thereto that may hereafter be established by abc Expo/Show Management, become binding upon acceptance of this Agreement between the Exhibitor, its employees and agents and PrimeTime/Show Management. Exhibitor may use an electronic or digital signature to execute this Agreement. Such signature must be legible and shall constitute a valid signature of the person or company with the authority to contractually bind the Exhibitor.

    3. Show Related Commercial Messages
    To the extent Exhibitor provides any information to Show Management, including contact information and other personally identifiable information, Exhibitor hereby grants to Show Management the right to use or release such information for all lawful Show Management and Convention related business purposes, including confirming Convention exhibition and registration information and providing Exhibitor related information to third parties retained or contracted by Show Management to provide services required or requested for the Convention. Exhibitor acknowledges that information provided to Show Management, such as Exhibitor’s information regarding name, address, phone numbers, e-mail and web site addresses, number and location of Exhibit Space and/or Meeting Space, and names and number of Exhibitor personnel will be treated as public domain information and may be available without limitation on the Convention’s website and/or in materials provided to Convention attendees, guests, participants or as otherwise deemed appropriate by PrimeTime Show Management.

    4. Payments, Cancellations, Space Reductions
    Upon Exhibitor’s execution of this Agreement, this Agreement becomes a binding Agreement between Show Management and Exhibitor (the “Effective Date”), subject to each party’s respective rights set forth in this Agreement. Applications for Exhibit Space and/or Meeting Space must be accompanied by payment in full. If paying in a manner other than Credit Card, Exhibitor will have 10 business days to make payment, unless we are within 2-weeks of move-in. In that case, booth space will not be assigned until payment is received. No Exhibitor shall be permitted to exhibit or participate in the Convention or gain access to the Exhibition Facility unless and until Exhibitor has paid the full Exhibit Space Fee and/or Meeting Space, and provided the required Certificates of Insurance by their deadline dates.

    5. Exhibit Space and Meeting Space Assignments
    The Exposition is a closed trade show designed to provide a showcase for products and services either specifically designed for or customarily used in appliance, consumer electronics, furniture, and retail business markets.

    6. Booth Sharing/Program Listings
    The Convention is conducted to facilitate order taking and the exchange of product information. Eligibility is generally limited to companies, firms or entities actively and legitimately engaged in the business of manufacturing, distributing or selling at wholesale, merchandise, materials, services or supplies related to the Convention. Exhibitor shall not assign, sublet, or share any part of its Exhibit Space or Meeting Space unless such assignee has a partnership or joint venture with, or is a subsidiary of the Exhibitor and said assignee is an integral part of the product presentation. Any attempted sale, sharing, subletting, assignment, transfer, conveyance of this Agreement or any portion of the Exhibit Space or Meeting Space, in violation of this Section shall constitute a breach of this Agreement and such action will be voidable at the option of Show Management. Upon such breach Show Management may, in its sole discretion, terminate this Agreement and Exhibitor will be liable for all damages incurred by Show Management, including but not limited to forfeiture of the Exhibit Space Fee and Meeting Space Fee paid and payment of remaining portion of the Exhibit Space Fee and Meeting Space due under this Agreement.

    7. Exhibit Standards
    Show Management shall, in its sole and absolute discretion, have the right to prohibit or remove any Exhibit or any part thereof, which in Show Management’s opinion is not suitable to or in keeping with the character or purpose of the Convention. Questionable Exhibits shall be modified at the request of Show Management. Show Management reserves the right to interpret and remove from the Convention any program materials, advertising, or literature which is deemed offensive, inappropriate or in bad taste if such materials were displayed. Exhibitors using costumed persons, mannequins, or anyone affiliated with Exhibitor’s Exhibit Space or Meeting Space must see to it that such personnel’s appearance and dress do not offend even the most critical. The decision on acceptability rests solely with Show Management.

    8. Certificate of Insurance
    All exhibitors, regardless of booth size, must submit a Certificate of Insurance.
    Certificate of Insurance must have minimum limits of $1,000,000 commercial general liability per occurrence, $500,000 property damage per occurrence, $1,000,000 personal injury per occurrence, workers compensation aggregate coverage of $1,000,000 per occurrence.

    The following must both be named as Certificate Holders:

    Nationwide Marketing Group
    110 Oakwood Dr., Ste. 200
    Winston Salem, NC 27103
    Sterling Events Group
    146 Dornach Way
    Bermuda Run, NC 27006

    The following must both be named as Additional Insured:


    *If you are an EAC, SITE NAME requires to be listed as Certificate Holder per the “Exhibitor Appointed Contractor form in the Exhibitor Kit.
    You may submit your COI via email at, or mail to Sterling Events Group, PO Box 1740, Clemmons, NC 27012, or fax to 336-778-0790 .

    I confirm that everything I have entered above is correct to the best of my knowledge.